John Diaz has been at the epicenters of contemporary music, media, and entertainment since the first day at Woodstock, where he talked his way into becoming a stage manager, all the way through a storied role in the rise of the music video, the development of the concert film for television and the big screen, and the dawn of the digital revolution. He has worked extensively with virtually every musical legend, including Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, the Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, and Sting. He is married to the artist, Nancy Louise Jones. This is his first book.

​Neil Feineman has written for and edited music journalism for many years, including three magazines he co-founded, Beach Culture, Raygun, and Revolution. He has written numerous books, such as 30 Frames per Second: The Art of the Music Video (with Steve Reiss) and Geek Chic, and collaborated with Sigur Ros on the privately published, In a Frozen Sea. Most recently he wrote all the text for the exhibit, Spectacle, devoted to the art, history, and state of the music video, currently at the EMP in Seattle, Washington.Type your paragraph here.